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Behind the Scenes with Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren contacted us with a new “climbing inspired” clothing line they were designing for Fall of 2018. They were intent on replicating some of the iconic images taken by Glen Denny in the Golden Years of rock climbing that was evolving in Yosemite’s Camp 4 during the 60’s and 70’s. 

Working with a tight deadline of only a couple weeks, we were able to orchestrate a complex sequence of logistics to support the project. We worked with their location scout to identify key locations that would best suit the images and video that would represent the new line of products. When the crew of 20 people came out from offices in Los Angeles and New York we were able to help them navigate the intricacies of a remote wilderness setting including the proper Commercial Permitting, lodging and full catering, technical rigging, remote transportation and the entire support for the project.

It was pretty awesome to see the full RL team in action way out in the wilderness! We had full wardrobe, hair & makeup artists, photographers, videographers, and great-catered food all miles from civilization! It was quite the production but it made for some fun work.  – SYMG Rigging Expert – Josh Helling

After months of post production work Ralph Lauren have recently rolled out their “Hi Tech” line of performance pieces. The images and video tell the story of some of the historical roots of the brand, which include sponsorship of an ascent of Mt. Everest by Ed Viesturs in 1993.

“The results, we’re happy to report look as sharp on a city sidewalk as they do hanging from a cliff in Yosemite – or solo climb up Mount Everest” RL Mag

“SYMG and the team were spot-on. It was huge to have your understanding of the areas, guiding and safety knowledge and a general understanding of what’s required to make a production work. Everyone was always ready to help and I was impressed with everyone’s ability to think on their feet, always ready to come up with solutions rather then comment on why something can’t work.” -Marlon Krieger

Third photo from the top and Video: Ralph Lauren